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Right now it’s estimated to take 132 years to close the gap, but why wait?


Women in the Workplace | 50 Years Of Evolution






Women continue to be declined mortgages when pregnant.

Right now it’s estimated to take 132 years for the gender gap to close.

The 1980s saw a rise in the number of women in the workplace and in leadership positions

Up until this point, it was illegal to employ a married woman in Ireland

Women were finally allowed to open a bank account for the first time

The Employment Equality Act is introduced

Women in the Workplace
50 Years Of Evolution

There's no denying it

Sadly, the vast majority of women have witnessed, know of, or have heard of other women that have been discriminated against when it comes to promotions and bonuses due to pregnancy. By providing fertility support, you are reaffirming your company’s commitment to valuing women at all stages of life and supporting them as challenges arise in their personal lives.

This recent history naturally influences the sense of psychological safety at work when trying to conceive, and can create tension in an already challenging fertility journey

the last 50 years have been hugely transformative for women in the workplace. Huge progress has been made, and we have a long way to go with a projection of over 130 years to close the gap. Just one generation ago, women were barred from professional growth. It was illegal to hire a married woman, and getting fired for being pregnant was the status quo.  


We Empower Women One Fertility Cycle at a Time

We help Company’s Boost Culture, Careers and Fertility

Active Fertility and Leadership Coaching

Assess your Fertility Flight Risk ™ 

Discover your Firm’s Prenatal Pulse

Our Fertility and Leadership Coaching programme is a combination of e-learning and live group coaching calls that make the fertility journey less consuming, isolating & overwhelming for your employees.

We help to calculate your company’s fertility flight risk exposure in monetary terms, so you can understand how this problem is currently hitting the bottom line

Through a discovery process, we gather qualitative data on employee attitudes and beliefs on fertility & motherhood at work, as this contributes towards the culture and sense of psychological safety at work for women that are trying to conceive 

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For Employers

Unlocking mutual gains for employers and employees alike

For Her

Saves tens of thousands annually

Improves morale and productivity

Promotes team engagement

Reduces flight risk and absenteeism

Promotes diversity, equity and inclusivity

Community focused

Develop resilience with workplace stress

Integrate supportive fertility focused work life balance

Optimise egg quality through lifestyle

Become energy efficient with hormones

Our Story

Fembition was conceived and founded by Alison Clarke, who herself experienced fertility issues and underwent treatment as she climbed the corporate ladder. After numerous rounds of failed treatment, Alison resigned.

Inspired to forge a better path for women, Fembition was born to provide more support to women in business, and to help employers retain highly valued female talent. 

Fembition is an Irish start up in the Femtech sector and is supported by Enterprise Ireland.

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